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Mag Pouches & Holders for Ammo

If you are in the line of duty that requires you to carry a firearm, having a magazine pouch to carry additional ammunition is an important piece of a carrier’s tactical gear setup. This also applies to those who carry firearms for recreational purposes. Ammunition magazine holders go by a few different names, and in many cases, are more commonly referred to as a mag pouch, ammo pouch, magazine holster, and mag holder. Regardless of their title, mag pouches were designed for a primary purpose: to provide firearm carriers the ability to carry additional ammunition, whether in the field or during tactical recreation.

To go with the variety of names, ammo magazine pouches also come in several different styles, including versatile combo magazine holders. Galls has a top selection of ammunition holders to choose from, including traditional mag pouches for duty belt attachment to concealed magazine pouches that complement conceal-carry holsters. We also carry magazine holders for various firearm sizes, including pistols and rifles.

Open Top Magazine Pouches

Open top magazine holders provide firearm carries quick access to their backup ammunition without the extra step of unsnapping the holding flap that comes with flip top pouches. The quick access to ammo can make a difference when reacting to dangerous situations where firearms are required. Having the ability to change magazines as quickly as possible can make a difference regarding the hazards associated with defensive firearm use. The potential drawback to open top mag pouches comes from magazine retention. If not secured correctly, or without the proper use of retention inserts, the ammunition magazine can become dislodged during abrupt defensive movements.

To address this, many open top ammo pouches can accommodate inserts to help secure magazines, or they have retention features designed into the pouch itself. For a top selection of open top mag pouches, shop our comprehensive selection at Galls.com. We feature a wide variety of magazine holders, including the open-top pouches from top brands like Bianchi, Safariland, and much more.

Flip Top Ammo Pouch

Flip top magazine holders are much like their open-top counterparts, with the primary difference between the two being the snap closure flap that closes over the magazine. This secures it within the pouch as long it stays closed. Aside from securing magazines, flip top mag pouches also help prevent others from taking a magazine away from the carrier. While open top ammo mags routinely secure the magazine in place, they leave part of it exposed. This level of access may be advantageous when changing magazines, it is not without drawbacks. Flip top ammunition pouches, traditionally stored on duty belts, keep magazines secure and safe from potential prying hands.

Galls is your top provider of all mag pouches, including flip top magazine holders. Our selection includes well-known brands like Bianchi, Tru-Spec, 5.11 Tactical, andGalls, complete with multiple styles and finishes.

Leather Mag Pouch

Aside from being available in multiple styles for different situations, ammunition magazine pouches also come in different finishes. From leather to nylon, to composite plastic holders, mag holders are made with several materials to perform in a variety of scenarios. For a more professional appearance with a service uniform, magazine pouches with leather finishes are popular choices. Aside from the look of these pouches, they are also scratch-resistant and can withstand tears better than the nylon styles. Because they are made and/or finished with leather, these styles of mag pouches are a little heavier than non-leather pouches, which can make a difference if you need to carry a lot of tactical gear on your duty belt.

At Galls, we carry a top selection of leather mag pouches, including choices from top brands like Safariland,, and many others. Our goal is to provide a complete selection of leather magazine holders for service members, security personnel, and recreational users alike.

Nylon Magazine Pouch

Perhaps the most popular material for magazine pouches is reinforced nylon. There are large variety of magazine pouches made with nylon materials. They also come in different styles, including single, double, and triple magazine sizes. Another prominent feature of nylon magazine pouches is they normally come with snappable flip tops to help secure the user’s backup ammo. While this may cause a slight delay when changing magazines, because nylon pouches are not as rigid as their leather and composite plastic counterparts, keeping your extra magazines secure with the button-down flip top is an important feature.

Check out Galls and our top selection of nylon magazine pouches for both service and recreational purposes. We carry quality gear from top brands like Bianchi, Galls,Condor, and much more.

TACO Magazine Pouch

TACO mag pouches offer a little more flexibility when it comes to magazine accommodation. Built by High Speed Gear, TACO pouches are made of flexible nylon allowing them to fit most firearm magazines, from pistols to larger rifles. These pouches also feature polymer sides and bungee cords to help secure the additional magazine. TACO pouches also offer flexibility in the way they are carried with gear. While offering MOLLE pouch-style storage capabilities, many TACO pouches can also be worn on duty belts. The flexibility offered in both magazine capacity and their versatility regarding tactical gear storage makes these types of ammo pouches popular with both recreational enthusiasts and service members.

High Speed Gear produces various models of their TACO pouches, and Galls.com is your top choice for HSG pouches thanks to our wide-ranging selection. Our choices include HSG’s High Capacity Magazine TACO pouch, the extended pistol magazine TACO holder, and many more.

Pistol and Rifle Magazine Pouches

While some magazine pouches offer flexibility when it comes to carrying various magazine sizes, others are designed to fit a specific firearm magazine. With pistol-specific mag pouches, they normally accommodate magazine sizes from 9MM to the larger caliber pistols. Because they are made with a general size in mind, firearm-specific magazine pouches keep your extra magazines snug and secure within the pouch. Additionally, when carrying an ammo pouch designed for a specific size of firearm, the concern about ammo magazines remaining secure is reduced.

At Galls, we have a complete selection of magazine pouches for firearms of various sizes. This includes pouches that fit AR-style magazines from Vertx, Safariland’s Tactical Leg Shroud for rifle magazines, and several models designed to securely carry most pistol magazines.

Single Magazine Pouch

When it comes to magazine capacity for ammo pouches, users have a few choices. Traditionally, mag pouches have the capacity to carry one or two clips. While there are other styles that allow for more than two magazines to be stored, a large portion allow users to decide between one or two magazines when it comes to their ammo storage options. Many times, the decision comes down to practicality. If carrying one additional magazine is part of your standard tac gear setup, a single mag pouch would be more suitable. An added benefit of single mag pouches is they don’t weigh as much as their multiple magazine-carrying counterparts.

Single magazine pouches are available in several finishes and styles, including leather and nylon variations, as well as open top and flip top options. Shop Galls for our comprehensive selection of single magazine pouches and holders from popular brands like Blackhawk, Bianchi, 5.11 Tactical, and more.

Triple & Double Magazine Pouches

If your duties or hobbies demand more than just one additional ammunition magazine, a single magazine pouch would not be as beneficial. Many mag pouches that are designed to be worn with a duty belt come with the option of single or double magazine capacity. If more than two additional mags are needed to perform successfully, there are magazine pouches designed to hold multiple magazines for firearms of various sizes.

For a top selection of mag pouches capable of holding multiple magazines, shop Galls.Our options also include both open-top and flip-top style pouches, depending on the desired magazine retention level.

Speedloader Cases

While magazine-based firearms are very common for both service issues and recreation, the revolver-style firearm remains a popular choice for sidearm carriers. Because revolvers have a cylinder-based ammo design instead of being magazine-fed, they require a different style of case when it comes to carrying additional ammunition. With speedloader cases, those who carry revolvers as a primary sidearm also have the benefit of carrying extra ammo.

Speedloader cases are available in several finishes, including the traditional leather and nylon variations. They also feature snap-based flip tops to keep the additional ammunition secure and are made to fit several styles of duty belts.

Galls is proud to carry a top selection of speedloader cases, including models from brands such as Bianchi,Galls, and many more.

Handcuff Magazine Combo Holder

Popular with law enforcement members, combination holders designed to carry both firearm magazines and handcuffs, bring a great deal of flexibility to those required to carry both items. Designed to hold pistol magazines and chained handcuffs, these combo holders keep the items secure with a snug design and snap covers for the cuffs. Because they are large enough to carry the additional piece of equipment, combo carriers take up more space on a duty belt. While this may not be an issue for those that are only carrying a sidearm as part of their duty gear, if you are required to carry multiple tactical gear items, the extra space could be a factor.

Shop Galls for our top selection of cuff/mag combo carriers, including selections from quality brands like , Aker Leather, Fobus, and more. We carry a wide variety of mag pouches for several different situations and duty requirements.


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